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Sep 13, 2014

Tubeblogger Weekly. Vol.5

Still with you!

Weekly Newsletter

Back on track.

I did not have much time to write articles in 2013, and the site was fueled mostly by your guest posts. I also did not pay enough attention to the domain tubeblogger .net expiring. We are now back on for now.
And also on Tumblr. That Weird Part of YouTube.
I still try to share some of the funniest stories every day, well, often enough. (accepting guest post there as well.)
Supervenus - Frederic Doazan
17th Brussels Short Film Festival (2013)
The surreal animation of a lady going under the knife for a complete makeover. It ends rather horribly (NSFW):
10 Videos You'll Probably Wish you Never Watched

UFOs and That Weird Part of YouTube

I just clicked on one of these, and then another one, and suddenly I was in the part where they think the whole moon is fake.

Strange Performance Art

I come across these on Tumblr all the time, here's a photoset.

More from TubeBlogger

Thanks, and stay tuned for next weeks top posts.

As for the current domain, contrary to what the site says, I did not give the new domain owner the right to republish 500+ of my/our articles, which many of you have written, or helped write as well.
I contacted Google and got mostly automatic replies. I needed to show links of both the original and the stolen articles. They didn't understand that the whole site, including the logo, and all images were stolen. The newer articles that belonged to The Original tubeblogger have now been removed, some old ones still remain.

I will only be blogging on the blogspot and my other blogs from now on.

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