Getting Started with Multiple MP3 and Video Players
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Oct 27, 2012

Getting Started with Multiple MP3 and Video Players

Are you in need of some help setting up multiple media players on your website? It is not as hard as it may seem, and with a little bit of help you can be up and running in no time. There are several ways to do this, and what you do may depend on several factors.

The easiest way to set up multiple media players on a website is with embedded code, but as you dig deeper, you may find that things like auto play or playing a series in order, may take a little more work. This may require some knowledge of basic web development principles, but with modern CMS systems, such as Wordpress, it can be easily achieved with a little direction.

Getting Started with Multiple Media Player Webpages

If you are planning to embed code on your website that is already downloaded somewhere on the web, then the steps to getting multiple players are easier.
Embed code found below YouTube Videos (Image Credit: Support.Google/How to embed Youtube Video)
If you plan on having them play automatically, you will have to add a bit of code to them to get them play when need.
The easiest ways to set up multiple players is by putting them in tables and embed the players into each place on the table. Sometimes this task can be accomplished by plugins in CMS software like Wordpress. The plugins often have an option for your to execute the JavaScript that you may need in some cases.
TubeBlogger Adds: We like to add YouTube videos to a playlist and then embedding the Playlist. It's a pretty easy way to play videos in a series.
Once you have the code, and table in place, it gets a little trickier if you want them to play automatically. You want to add the JavaScript that will allow them to play in sequence, or the first one in the table. There are several methods to accomplish this. The first would be to add JavaScript to each video to tell it when to play after the code has been executed.

Uploading and Testing Your Media Files

Windows Media Player simplified logo.
Depending on the type of media player you are using, you may have more options for embedding media in websites. Windows Media Player is one of the older players, but it also has a lot of documentation and support to help you along with getting multiple videos on the web.

If you are hosting your own media, then you may want to use Windows Media Player, or another media player that will work on the server side, such as Wimpy Rave. Both of these will work when you upload videos, but none are quite as easy as Wimpy Rave.

Wimpy Rave is a server side application that will allow you to customize you media files and the player that you will use on your webpage. It is software that is specifically designed for web developmental needs, and if you are not already using it, you probably should be. It is the easiest way to get multiple videos to do what you want them to do.

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