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GuruTube - Who is your favorite YouTube Guru?

Many years ago I binge watched Osho videos on YouTube. He was funny and wise and quickly became one of my favorite spiritual teachers.

Popular Gurus on YouTube:

Srila Prabhupada - The founder of ISKCON - Also known as the Hare Krishna movement. He has since passed away but many of his videos can be found on YouTube.

Osho - Many people's favorite Guru. He became popular before the time of YouTube, his videos are now a YouTube sensation.

Nithyananda -  A wise guru. Talks a lot about third-eye and superpowers if you are into that sort of stuff.

Sadhguru - ISHA foundation. - Seems more down to Earth in my opinion. Reminds me the most of Osho.

Adyashanti - My favorite American guru. I'm not sure he would use the word guru. His teachings are more zen-like rather than Krishna-like.

Eckhart Tolle - Widely known for his book "The Power of Now" - He has a very popular YouTube channel with a lot of followers. Also more down to earth and zen.

Mooji - I haven't watched a lot of Mooji yet but I plan on it.
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Timeless Classics - Video Games that Will Never Get Old

What makes a game Timeless? Some games are classics simply by being pioneers in their genre, while others have gameplay that can entertain for ages. It's usually a great story that does it in my opinion (Zelda, Fallout, Final Fantasy), but sometimes even the gameplay is exciting and unique enough to remain impressive for decades.

Some of the old classic video games were great for their time period, while others are still good enough in our world of HD 1080p widescreen.

The only problem with older games is that the consoles can be hard to get a hold of. Gamers have been able to bypass this problem with computer emulators and downloadable ROMs, although this is considered piracy.  Maybe a friend has a ps2 or an emulator that can run your old game ;)


A fairly easy to play snowboarding game that can be quite a rush. It is still my favorite snowboarding game. Run a race with your friend for the bottom of the hill, or for most points for tricks.
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