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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Make a Virtual Reality Headset Using your Smartphone

At first look you might think the Google cardboard idea is a joke.
I was reading up on the anticipated Oculus Rift Virtual reality headset when I came across this Google page introducing Cardboard, a do it yourself virtual reality setup you use with your smartphone.

There is an official cardboard app, as well as many games and fun things to do. The magnet on the side is your one button, usually for starting an app and selecting something. The Virtual roller coasters; Photosphere viewer, which are virtual places you can visit (and also create yourself, with the Google Camera app); and some games, can keep you entertained for a couple hours. The game controls are usually very simple, as it is similar to having one joystick and no buttons. But there are many more apps and games popping up, and there might be some that can use a Bluetooth gamepad in the future.

Recently more devices have popped up using this concept. While Samsung is working on its Samsung VR Gear, the virtual reality glasses for Samsung phones, other companies have created custom (better) versions of the original cardboard, which works with any android or iPhone.
I got me a pair of these leather cardboard glasses by Soyan.

Amazon - Soyan Leather Google Cardboard - under $20

Another promising looking app is Trinus Gyre, from the German based company Odd Sheep. The app, currently available for Android and Amazon Kindle devices for about $5, lets you view certain computer games in VR with your cardboard, ColorCross, or Durovis device, etc. The app is still in development, and you can try a test version for free.
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