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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Funny MMA - Renato Laranja - Freddie Lee - Boxing Drama: Charlie Zelenoff

YouTube Martial Art Sifu Banned after posing with gun.

The youtuber known as Sifu Freddie Lee has now moved on to vimeo after facing lots of drama on YouTube. After receiving (and passing?) challenges by other youtubers and martial artists, he made a controversial video where he claimed "Real combat is serious" and showing a pistol. The video has since been removed from YouYube.
Photo by user on -
The tone of his videos has changed drastically, now there are mostly just exercise tips, while on YouTube he has a series of apologetic interviews from his girlfriends channel.
As for Freddie's remarks that BJJ is ineffective, Ryan Heavy Head suggests he have a chat with this guy:

 Countless times BJJ Champ Renato Laranja


Trolling the martial arts scene.

Renato is a brilliant comedian, but this whole thing reminds me of a 'troll' in the martial arts scene: Charlie Zelenoff, the kid who shows up in boxing gyms to challenge some of the champs and top competitors, and always gets a beating. What exactly drives him to do this is unknown. And it irked me a bit to see one video where his father is apparently instigating it as well. Maybe he should rather help his son avoid these things altogether.
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