10 Videos You Might Wish You Never Saw!
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Sep 11, 2014

10 Videos You Might Wish You Never Saw!

And this is mild compared to what you could find on that weird part of the internet these days (Liveleak, Bestgore, Worldstarhiphop); the below are all on YouTube, and some classics from That Weird Part of YouTube as well. I would say SFW (Safe for Work) but you still might not want to be caught watching them!

Funky Forest

Funky Forest - A very strange Japanese surreal short film. Starting to have a collection of those on That Weird part of YouTube. Here's another one:

Japan Erection

Whatever the heck is going on there, I think I have seen it one time too many =/

Maggots in the Scalp

Yup, he has maggots in the scalp! Who knows what happened to this guy, all I know is that he has maggots in the scalp. They were most likely placed there to treat a skin infection.

Reanimated Dead - Compilation

I don't like the idea of doing this to the animals, people, or anything; but here it is, captured on tape.

Cats Barfing Hairballs to Techno Music

Just a video of cats barfing in general might be something you wish you never saw. At least here they added some music, and you might find it funny!

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Donkey Love and more weirdness ¯\_(:/)_/¯