10 Videos You Might Wish You Never Saw - Pt. 2
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Sep 12, 2014

10 Videos You Might Wish You Never Saw - Pt. 2

Toddler Smoking Cigarettes

The poor toddler later went to rehab. That's the last I heard.

Donkey Sex: The Most Bizarre Tradition

By the northern coast of Colombia, having sex with a donkey is a normal part of growing up.
And even continues into adulthood, for some.
There are some clips in this documentary you might wish you never saw.
A documentary by Vice.

Glob of Fungus Gnats

This glob is actually hundreds of larvae swarming together. And I imagine they're all closely related.

Surgery On a Cyst

Dr Vikram who shares a lot of his creepy surgeries was also in our 2013 Creepiest YouTube Channels article.

That was actually 11 videos if we count the three in the YouTube playlist, but here's a shortfilm to finish off the series.

Supervenus - 17th Brussels Short Film Festival

A surreal animation of a lady going under the knife for a complete makeover.
It ends rather horribly, thus it's tagged #NSFW (Not safe for work). Watch on Tumblr.