The Fall of Scientology Thanks to YouTube
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Oct 10, 2017

The Fall of Scientology Thanks to YouTube

Scientology Protest
YouTube and YouTubers have played a critical role in exposing Scientology. Very integral in the early days was the YouTuber Mark Bunker, a.k.a Wise Beard Man, with his YouTube Channel Xenu TV.
In 2006- 2008 Mark had many encounters with Scientologists. They even showed up picketing at his house, covering his neighborhood with leaflets trying to smear him.
Then he became the go-to guy for people wishing to leave the cult, or to share their story, and he has interviewed several former scientologists.
As more and more videos went viral, Anonymous got involved, and you have probably seen many of their eerie, robot voiced videos, as well as protests around the world.

Watch the Fall of Scientology Playlist: