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Sep 26, 2017

Most Popular YouTube Playlists

Up next in the Best of YouTube series: Top Playlists on YouTube as of 2017.

Important Videos

The most viewed user created playlist that I know of. The Meme/Comedy playlist with over 800 million views has even been talked about on BBC News and Know Your Meme among others, since it "achieved cult status on YouTube" - BBC 2016

Popular Music Videos

An auto generated YouTube Playlist with the top 200 music videos.

Best Video Game Music [Orchestral & Classical]

Had to share my own most popular playlist. Regularly updated with the best video game music.

Funny Vines Compilation

More comedy and memes in this trending playlist.

Best of YouTube: Animal Videos

Trying to collect some of the funniest and most amazing animal videos from youtube (another one of my own playlists btw..:).

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