Paintballers Vs Nunchaku, Free Runners / Parkour
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Jul 15, 2016

Paintballers Vs Nunchaku, Free Runners / Parkour

Parkour and Paintballing could, at first thought, go well together. But it's not for the novice. It looks pretty difficult (and dangerous) to do acrobatics with that kinda gear on. But nothing is impossible, as this video by First Strike shows - some parkour stunts could probably be pretty useful in a paintball match.

Made me think of another possible match-up. If one team is already really good at paintball field control, and playing against a novice team, they could give themselves a handicap with practice nunchako (the softer ones).
To score a kill you have to get up close and smash an opponent in the head, neck, or arm with the chucks.
It would be pretty overkill to win a match with nunchakus, or maybe with a practice sword.

Youtuber Ryan Hall Scoring Some Kills With a Practice Sword. (action at 3:00)