Grand Theft Auto - "Real Life Bodies"
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Jul 23, 2015

Grand Theft Auto - "Real Life Bodies"

As if the brilliant caricature scenarios in the game isn't enough, Grand Theft auto brings out the worst in people yet again.

Last year the internet was abuzz wondering who the girl from GTA V is, guesses included Kate Upton, iJustine; Lindsey Lohan was so convinced it was herself she even tried suing GTA.

Real Woman Bodies in Video Games?

Presently, joining the social justice movements that have been raging in recent years, came out with a series of renditions to famous video game characters, including GTA 5 girl; as a statement that video game characters have unrealistic looks.

The difference is astounding.
Posted by Mashable on Thursday, July 23, 2015

Shelby Welinder, the actual model for the GTAV Girl; does not look very different.
what do you think?

Some comments from the Mashable article. 

By the time I posted this article I forgot what I was actually going to write about. There were some more GTA arguments.

Oh well.