to Compete with Twitch?
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Jul 25, 2015 to Compete with Twitch? Coming this summer.

Youtube is launching an app and website to show game related videos and streams. Every video game will have its own page where streams and latest footage will be highlighted. This coming right after YouTube finished major updates to Hangouts on Air. Every YouTube channel now enable streams and a dedicated link ready to go, instead of having to schedule streams with different links - with a chatroom and hangout options. I assume YouTube channels will integrate directly with the app.

From the official YouTube blog:

"And in the coming weeks, we’ll launch an improved live experience that makes it simpler to broadcast your gameplay to YouTube. On top of existing features like high frame rate streaming at 60fps, DVR, and automatically converting your stream into a YouTube video, we’re redesigning our system so that you no longer need to schedule a live event ahead of time. We’re also creating single link you can share for all your streams."
You can already enable live streaming, and the dedicated link, on your channel at