YouTube Premium, New Features and More News
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Apr 18, 2015

YouTube Premium, New Features and More News

  • Is Google still struggling to make YouTube a profitable feature?
  • YouTube Experiments with a new radio feature
  • Another Look at How Much YouTube Stars Earn - 2015
YouTube is "barely breaking even"
Despite more than a billion people using YouTube in a month, and $4 billion in revenue in 2014, YouTube is not turning a profit according to a report by Business Insider. With advertising as the main monetizing tool on YouTube, problems such as users skipping ads, tools like AdBlock, and mis-targeted/deceptive ads can lead to a money sink. Competition from Facebook video is getting stronger (more advertisers plan on spending on facebook ads), as well as new video services like Vine. It comes as little surprise that a paid subscription model seems to be in the works, giving YouTube partners the option to place certain content behind a paid wall.

YouTube Radio
YouTube seems to be experimenting with a new radio playlist based on the currently playing video.
As the popup describes, users will be able to like and dislike videos to customize the playlist to their taste. Similar to the current YouTube Mix feature which adds related videos to a playlist.

How Much do YouTube Stars of 2015 Make?
A report by outrigger media lists the top earning YouTube celebrities in the categories Beauty and Style, and Food and Cooking. Read it here