Funny MMA - Renato Laranja - Freddie Lee - Boxing Drama: Charlie Zelenoff
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Nov 13, 2014

Funny MMA - Renato Laranja - Freddie Lee - Boxing Drama: Charlie Zelenoff

Renato Laranja - Heel Jiu Jitsu

One of my favorite martial artists countless times champion Renato Laranja probably has the most real life confrontations and demonstrations of Jiu Jitsu, as can be seen in this playlist.

YouTube Trolling Gone Too Far?

Many worry about Charlie Zelenoff. He is a kid with a habit of showing up in boxing gyms to challenge champs and top competitors, and he seems to always get a beating. What exactly drives him to do this is unknown. Charlie has also been spotted in his local gyms challenging people to 'light sparring matches', and unleashing haymakers trying to knock them out. He claims to be 100-0 but has no official record.

 YouTube Martial Arts Sifu Banned after posing with gun.

The youtuber known as Sifu Freddie Lee moved on to Vimeo after facing lots of drama on YouTube. The YouTube Sifu allegedly received threats after being involved in too many serious challenges involving martial artists and fighters, leading to the controversial video where wielded a pistol and exclaimed "Real combat is serious". The video has since been removed from YouYube.
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The tone of his videos changed drastically, now there are mostly exercise tips; and a series of apologetic interviews on his girlfriend's channel.

Freddie once called out Renato Laranja saying BJJ is ineffective, and a lot of other stuff.