Famous Celebrity Drug Meltdowns
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Aug 21, 2013

Famous Celebrity Drug Meltdowns

Actress Amanda Bynes’ recent behavior has had celebrity gossip sites whirring with speculation. The star has posted a number of strange tweets and videos that are seemingly out of character for the girl that many have known since her days on Nickelodeon. Many people are speculating that it is drug use that is causing her to act so erratically, and whether that is true or not, she would not be the first celebrity to struggle with substance abuse.  Dependency to either drugs or alcohol is a problem that has plagued the rich and famous for years, and many celebrities have lost their lives as a result of their addiction. Some addictions have been well publicized, featuring in many pop culture magazines and websites for years, but some celebrities have sorted out their problems and have flown under the radar largely unnoticed. Both kinds have been included in the following infographic of drug meltdowns suffered by famous celebrities.

This infographic was designed by DrugRehab.org. DrugRehab provides references and assitance for fidining the most effective drug rehab nearest to you.