Instagram Video Promotion 101
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Jul 17, 2013

Instagram Video Promotion 101

If you want to become a successful musician you can no longer ignore Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. You need to learn how to use these sources to promote your music and support your fan base. You may wonder how Instagram would help you. It used to be a purely picture based service, right now Instagram is changing its direction by introducing the new video service.
Musicians from all over the world use this service to provide their fans with short sneak peeks, personal videos and backstage impressions. This service can be used in various creative ways and many bands have already got involved. It seems that Instagram is receiving an incredible level of response from celebrities and brand new musicians.
Five million videos were uploaded the first day the new service was launched on Instagram. Can this new feature take all the traffic and steal the audience from Vine? Keep on reading if you want to find out more about the ways that Instagram can boost your career in music.
What’s Instagram?
Instagram is a great social networking tool that allows you to share your photos and videos with other users. If people follow you, they would see all the new content you uploaded. All you need to do is to install this app on your Android and iOS device and use it to create great pictures.
What’s in it for you?
If you already have a stable fan base on your Instagram, it would only be logical for you to start using the new video service. People appreciate great and unusual pictures; they also enjoy watching fun short videos.
Both videos and pictures inspire people. Have you ever seen a great video and wish you were a part of it? That’s exactly the reason for you to create your first video to encourage people visit your gigs. Show everyone that the crowd had a lot of fun during your performance. Even if you don’t know how to take good pictures, Instagram will make any pictures and videos look much better.
Be consistent
The good quality content will attract more viewers and encourage people to share your videos. Don’t forget to update your page on a regular basis. There is no need to upload useless videos; your Instagram should give your fans something meaningful. Don’t forget to provide frequent feedback to your supporters. Whenever someone makes a comment or adds a video from your gig, write them back, or share the video.  This way you will keep people interested and involved in your music career.
Tell your fans how to attend your next show and get more information from your website. Keep in mind that a combination of various social networking techniques with services like sonicbids is the key to your success. You shouldn’t concentrate on a single channel, but utilize various means of communication with your audience. Instagram video service will help you in creating a very friendly profile for your fans. For example, Justin Bieber does not look like a celebrity on Instagram, he shows his fans that he is a human too. A personal touch would make a difference.

Guest Writer Allen Marsh is a freelance writer who shares his tech tips on various blogs.