Edit MP4 Files Successfully : Guide For Novices
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Jul 20, 2013

Edit MP4 Files Successfully : Guide For Novices

The mp4 file extension appeared around 1998 and since then it has become one of the file extensions related to internet multimedia transfers. People use this video format to edit videos and create real masterpieces regarding the video world. Basically mp4 is developed by the Motion Picture Expert Group also known as MPEG and uses a compressed file system in order to provide audio and video at a high quality.
This format includes both video and audio features, instead of other formats like mp3 which includes only the audio format. That is why the videos with mp4 extension do not need to occupy such a great part of your computer`s memory and they can be uploaded instantly on any website. You can even play this kind of videos on mobile devices on iPod or any other small multimedia devices, a fact that makes them more efficient. On the computer you can play the mp4 videos with any program that includes video or audio supported files.

The Process Of Editing Mp4 Videos

First of all editing mp4 videos means to cut, add effects and put together various sequences. When editing an mp4 video you can also separate the audio from the video if you want to complete the sequences shot with another piece of music. Also when working with mp4 videos, you can convert them to other extensions like MPG, DVD or AVI. But for all this you may need an mp4 editor which is able to complete all these tasks. For instance ShowBiz is a great program when it comes about editing and you can simply add different effects, music, text or to cut different parts of your video in order to create a masterpiece.

Steps In Editing Mp4 Videos

Installing the program is the first thing you have to do for starting editing your video. After that you will have to open the program and import your mp4 videos in the storyboard. Then with the help of the timeline you can start adding, cutting and editing your video as you wish. The timeline is a very useful tool that can help anyone work efficiently on a single part of the video and evaluate the entire work during the editing. The menu of the program has to be a simple and easy to access one for you to have all features included. Pay attention to details like brightness or colors for a touch of professionalism and try to be as much creative as you can. Once you are pleased with the edits made, you can either save the video on your computer, share it with your friends by posting it on the internet or even creating a disc for a permanent storage.
So mp4 format is still an extension quite used and popular among people. When your videos will be shown to the world, for sure you will receive positive feedback. But this will happen if you choose quality tools to work with and your video has creative elements to show. Therefore, you should never get something that does not fit the requirements.

Guest Author: Jerry O'Neill is a software developer working at Arcsoft, headquartered in Fremont, California. Jerry Loves to write articles in his free time on Video and Music Editing software and how to use them effectively.