Why Marketers Can't Skip YouTube [infographic]
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Jun 29, 2013

Why Marketers Can't Skip YouTube [infographic]

In 2005, three former PayPal employees came up with the idea of creating a better solution on how people can share their videos on the web. Make no mistake, the internet was already expansive at that time, but video is very much the waterloo that has kept the world’s enagement back.

No one could have ever guessed the impact their video hosting site would make. They ended up building what we all know now as YouTube. A website that holds the biggest collection of videos anywhere on earth – may it be online or offline.

Want to paint a picture in your mind exactly how big YouTube has become? Well, for starters, half a billion unique users frequent the site each month! Very few websites on the internet can boast that particular statistic. None of them are video hosting sites.

This is why for marketers, it has come down to YouTube when they want to use video for marketing. Because the majority of the world’s population are so much at home using it.

Guest Author: Michal V. Eggen is a web designer who lives in San Francisco. It is his dream to someday work for Google. But for now, being an affiliate marketer is good enough. He currently promotes http://ericwelke.com/pure-leverage-review/

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