Getting Started With the New YouTube One Channel Design
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Jun 12, 2013

Getting Started With the New YouTube One Channel Design

YouTube has announced its latest layout the YouTube “One Channel”.
The design is similar to the Google+ profile page design which features a banner at the top of the page.     And you can now feature a trailer video for users who have not subscribed to your channel yet.
The main motive of this design is that it looks awesome on all the browsers across all the devices and screens.

Here are some tips to get started with the new YouTube one channel design:

  • Create a welcome trailer: This trailer will be for those visitors who have not subscribed for channel. This is a great opportunity for you to hook up your audience. Treat this welcome trailer as an ad. It must have the following features: It must be short and engaging. At the end of the trailer it must involve a convincing call to action.

  • Create visual identity of your channel: Upload a big and beautiful channel art which will acts as a channel’s visual identity. It will appear good on all the screen or devices, no matter what the screen size is. 
Organize your videos and playlists sequentially, so that the audience can view it without any difficulties or complications. With the new YouTube one channel, the control is in your hand, that what subscribers will see when they will click on your You Tube channel.

Designing Your Channel Art

Click on image to download the full-sized template

Check out some of these great examples using the new YouTube Layout:

Summary: You Tube One channel layout gives a great opportunity for brands to personalize and organize their pages. This new layout will help you reach your audience widely as it is compatible to all devices, no matter how small or big the screen is.

About the Author: I am Vinit Kumar. I am a blogger specialize in posting related to Internet Marketing & Search Engine Optimization.