Video Marketing Fails: 4 Reasons No One Is Watching Yours
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Jun 20, 2013

Video Marketing Fails: 4 Reasons No One Is Watching Yours

Fail Reel
If you want to build your brand and grow your business venture try adding video creation to your internet marketing campaign. Shooting videos helps you make a strong connection with your target audience. The creative medium adds a human touch to your marketing plan.
One problem stops many aspiring entrepreneurs; it is challenging to generate a significant number of pages views when you are a newbie video creator. Due to the serious level of competition on the web you need to hone your video creation skills before you can make a big time impact on your target market. Your page views increase after working intelligently and persistently on your video marketing campaign.

No Energy

You need to raise your energy before creating videos. Otherwise, you will never attract a significant number of page views. Check out viral videos; most of these move you into action based on the energy you feel after viewing the content. Almost every video which generates a significant number of page views inspires you to watch the full video and share it on multiple social networks. Exercise before shooting your videos. Smile to boost your energy. If you can raise your level of vibration you are more likely to increase your video page views quickly.

No Keywords

You need to identify your target audience and speak a message directly to these individuals if you wish to generate significant video traffic. Even the most brilliant videos come up short in the page views department if the creator neglects using keywords in the title, description field and in the video presentation itself. Posting keywords instantly sends a signal to search engines and interested parties; you are labeling your content for people who would see value in your video. If you do not use keywords you leave targeted, passive traffic on the table.

No Description

You need to tell viewers what to expect in order to boost page views. Many veteran video creators neglect using the description field to their full advantage, let alone newbie video marketers. Write an in-depth, detailed description to communicate the video summary to your audience. Creating a thorough description field gives viewers a good idea of what to expect and also sends a loud and clear signal to search engines. Describing your content also helps you generate more page views; people are more likely to share detailed, comprehensive content.

Too Long

The average attention span lasts no more than a few seconds. Why do you believe that people will stick around for seven, 10 or 15 minutes to watch your videos? Limit videos to the three to five minute range if you want to make a serious impact on your target audience. Busy web surfers can devote only a few minute’s worth of time to sifting through videos. Make yours more desirable by creating shorter, focused videos. Some people will instantly close out a screen if your video spans longer than 6 minutes. You should be able to make your point in roughly three minutes anyway.

Author: Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who blogs about all things video, from how to make a marketing video to where to get fast turn digital media.