Sony HDR Cx260v Review - Is This Handycam Worth Your Money?
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Jun 13, 2013

Sony HDR Cx260v Review - Is This Handycam Worth Your Money?

The Sony HD cx260v, while not the best choice for serious filmmakers or photographers, is a nice starter camera for those who are students as well as people who enjoy taking pictures or making videos in their spare time. There are a number of features that will catch the eye of those who want to take high quality photos and videos, though there are still some drawbacks to this particular model.
The Good

One of the best things about the cx260v is that it is able to record excellent quality video, which is certainly a plus for those who intend on using it primarily for this feature. Unlike many previous models, this one is able to record good quality audio as well. There is a fairly impressive zoom lens as well as built-in image stabilization which makes it easier than ever to take clear crisp pictures. The auto focus on this camera is very quick to clear up a blurry object, so you won’t have to worry about taking pictures with little visibility.
Another feature which this camera offers its users is smile detection, which is particularly useful for those who tend to take lots of pictures of friends and family. There is also a fairly large internal memory in this camera, so there isn’t an urgent need to buy an expensive SD card to put in it right away. Those who plan on taking lots of videos however will definitely want to consider investing in a card as they can take up quite a bit of space.
Those who are record video with this camera outside will find that it has a wind noise reduction feature, making it much easier to hear what people are saying. The Tracking Focus feature makes it possible to follow certain objects while recording, so it isn’t necessary to scramble furiously to keep them in frame. One of the most impressive things about this camera is the built-in projector which works exceptionally well with very few problems.

The Bad
Although there aren’t a lot of bad things that can be said about the Sony HDR cx260v, it does record in 1080/60p which tends to take up quite a lot of space very quickly. While the quality of the video may be great, those who are going to be recording videos with this camera on a regular basis will need to invest in a very large SD card. Also, when the low lux on this camera is turned on, there is an audible clicking sound that can be quite annoying.

Overall the Sony HDR cx260v  is a great investment for amateur filmmakers and students; it has a wide variety of features and has lot to offer with regards to image and video quality. Priced at about $500, this camera really is a great deal. Anyone who is currently in the process of trying to find a new camera for both recording video and taking still pictures will certainly need to consider this one as it is an amazing bargain.

Guest Author: My name is Rebecca. I am a London based Freelance Photographer, specialising in architecture, travel and stock photography.