How To Make Your Youtube Videos More Effective And Attractive
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Jun 24, 2013

How To Make Your Youtube Videos More Effective And Attractive

One of my closest friends wanted to enter the contest of some company that send the contest winner to a European tour completely funded by the company. In order to enter the contest, my friend had to create a video of himself explaining why he wants to win the contest and what would he do in that foreign country. The video quality, explanation, way of talking and confidence were the primary aspects on which the company was going to decide which one is the most deserving to win the trip to Europe. My friend was supposed to upload the video on YouTube, and the company was going to embed the video into their website to attract more visitors, hence they only were allowing high quality videos to enter the contest.
Once my friend finished creating the video with his DSLR camera and uploaded it on the YouTube, I watched it and I did not like the overall output of the video. It was not attractive and was actually a bit dull by YouTube and that company`s standard.
So I decided to brainstorm and research on ways through which we could improve our video and make it more effective and attractive. We did quite a bit of research and came up with the following points that we are sharing with you, that helped us improving the quality and taste of our video for YouTube.
  1. Sound: Keeping the sound at a decent level is the key to having a good quality video, if the sound is too high or too low your audience would definitely get pissed with your video, and there is a strong chance that they will shut the video even before it is finished. The video we were working on, had a decent volume so we didn’t feel the need of adjusting our video`s sound.
  2. Camera Should Not Shake: In my friend`s video the camera was shaking a bit on multiple occasions which was giving an unprofessional look.
  3. Dressing: The dressing of the central character should be appropriate and should reflect the main cause of the video. I felt my friend`s attire was quite a lot on the formal side and he needed to fix it to make his video the most effective for this contest. For casual videos, you should wear bright colors while in corporate videos dark and simple colors do the trick most of the times.
  4. Hair Style: Hair Style can either make or break the overall look of your video. It is critical to have your hairs properly combed to suit the idea of the video, otherwise it might give a hint that the video is recorded by unprofessional people.
  5. Enjoy Yourself: Instead of just looking straight into the camera, you should be enjoying yourself in front of the camera. Videos in which the characters are having fun and even doing crazy/fun things tend to attract more and more viewers. Hence, it could be a trick to attract the attention of the jury of the contest.
  6. No Background Noise: You cannot just expect to have a perfectly high-quality video while having a background noise in your video. Choose a location where there is no noise at all in the background.
This list of improving your YouTube video is by far not complete. However, it can certainly give you a starting point to improve your video quality and make it more presentable and effective for YouTube

Author Bio
Brandon is a tech blogger who loves to write on latest in technology and gadgets. He regularly uses youtube converter to convert and download his favourite videos