Entertaining Your Customers With Whiteboard Animation
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Jun 14, 2013

Entertaining Your Customers With Whiteboard Animation

Everybody loves being entertained. However, everybody does not love being entertained in the exact same way. Still, it can be said that a good way to win the hearts and minds of your customers is to entertain them. The real trick is finding out what entertains them and providing enough of it to keep them coming back to you. This does not necessarily mean that your company website has to become one huge ball of fun to keep your customers. In many cases that would just annoy them. It does mean however, that you need to present your important marketing and other business-related messages in a way your customers and clients can connect with and enjoy.

Using Whiteboard Animation

An excellent way to keep the attention on your company is by entertaining your customers with whiteboard animation. This type of video is relatively low in cost to produce, quick, and enjoyable to watch while still allowing you to maintain the level of professionalism your industry or brand requires.
Whiteboard animations are an especially useful way for companies with a small budget for website enhancements to add video to their site. This is important in today’s internet-centric business world because including video on your website increases its perceived value and ranking with search engines.
The reason for this is that videos are much more likely to get backlinked to other sites and shared over social media. So, simply including video on your company site makes it more likely to come up earlier in the search engine results lists. We all know how important that is for getting customers.

Indexing Videos

Furthermore, most website viewers look at the video content of websites first—even before they read the text. Putting entertaining whiteboard animations on the splash page of your site allows you to get your message to customers in a fresh and entertaining way in the first few seconds they spend at your site.

Short Videos

Whiteboards are quite short, just as most website videos should be. This allows you to really distill your message into the most important details. Customers in all industries appreciate when company messages tell them exactly the information they need right away, and if you can entertain them while informing them—which is exactly what whiteboard animation was created for—you can build a rapport while looking more credible.

Mass Audience Appeal

Whiteboard animation can help you appeal to a wide and diverse audience of consumers. This can be crucial for your business in our ever-growing global economy. With whiteboards, you are never pinned down to a single ethnicity, race, or age of an actor. You can add color or make your video stand out with simple black and white illustrations. You can add text, diagrams, symbols, scenarios—pretty much the sky is the limit—and because it’s illustrated, taking your viewers to exotic places won’t increase your production costs.
On that note, whiteboards can make difficult-to-understand content much easier to digest. Again, drilling your content down to the bare essentials and providing captivating illustrations with your whiteboard animation videos can keep your viewers tuned in and your message clear. That’s essential for winning business in today’s world of short attention spans.

Guest Writer: Erik Kerr specializes in creating whiteboard drawings and animation. He founded one of the leading companies in marketing videos, The Draw Shop.