7 Video Games That Were Made Into Awesome Movies
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Jun 27, 2013

7 Video Games That Were Made Into Awesome Movies

Video games are being adapted into movies at a rapid pace. As you await some of the new releases, you might want to look at some of the gems of the past. Below are seven of the best video game movies ever made.

Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat was the rare video game movie that stayed true to the source material while still putting together an awesome film. The fights were pitch-perfect, even if the actors were sometimes lacking. If you want to see a great video game adaptation, Mortal Kombat should be your first choice.

BloodRayne occupied a very special niche in the video game world, and it occupied that same niche in movies. It is silly, full of cheesy fanservice and heavy on bloody action. The movie itself is no classic, but it is fun - performances by Ben Kingsley and Kristanna Loken are delightfully hammy, and the movie is probably the best thing ever made with Uwe Boll's name attached.

Silent Hill
Silent Hill is one of those games that always deserved to be a horror film. With a particularly creepy atmosphere and memorable characters, it was crying out for a decent adaptation. Silent Hill may not be the best movie of all time, but it does have something that is incredibly rare for a video game adaptation - good acting.

Resident Evil
The Resident Evil series of games has run the gamut from instant classics to forgettable cash-ins. The movie series has, perhaps not surprisingly, done much the same. The first Resident Evil film was only vaguely related to the game series, though each subsequent movie in the series added more elements from its parent games. The Resident Evil movies have been some of the most successful game films ever made - five movies have been released to varying degrees of success and at least one more is already in the works. If nothing else, these movies offer some staying power.

Prince of Persia
Raking in 335 million dollars, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is the most successful video game film ever made. The movie itself featured a number of elements that are foreign to the rest of the films on this list, including A-list actors at the top of their games and a heft special effects budget. The movie borrowed a few elements from the Sands of Time trilogy of games, though the story itself is entirely new. This movie was successful enough to spawn everything from action figures to LEGO sets, though, and is perhaps one of the first video game films to cross the line of mainstream public consciousness.

Hitman is an oddity in the game world. While incredibly violent and sadistic, it also takes a great deal of precision and imagination for a player to be truly successful. The film of the game borrowed a great deal of the former, but relatively little of the latter. Still, the acting was top-notch and a great deal of the story resonated well with the basic nature of the game presented. Hitman has become a cable TV staple, so it deserves a spot on the list.

Doom was never going to win an Oscar, but that was never the point. Like the game that inspired it, this movie was big, loud and a little dumb. The plot may not have been great, but the Rock's performance is worth the price of buying the movie. It might have been something of a flop, but that does not mean that you do not owe it to yourself to find a rental copy.

These seven films are fun, but not perfect. As more people spend money on games, though, the budgets for these films will likely increase. Hopefully, that means that the list of the best movie games in the future will be a bit more impressive.

Guest Blogger: Nellie Moors is an avid video game enthusiast. Check out her recommendations for the best video game movies ever.