4 Quick Tips To Get More YouTube Views
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Jun 18, 2013

4 Quick Tips To Get More YouTube Views

We know that YouTube is incredibly popular today. In fact, it is the most popular video sharing site on the Internet. There are millions and millions of people from all over the globe on YouTube and this can be very helpful to you if you are trying to get noticed or get your videos out there.

So you want to take advantage of all of the traffic and exposure that is there to be found on YouTube but you don’t know where to begin? This is a common problem because there are so very many videos on the site. How can you make sure your content is noticed and viewed in the midst of all the rest of it? Well, it’s not a super simple task but it can be done by focusing on some simple techniques.
There are no tricks or gimmicks, no magic formulas and no secrets. What it really comes down to is producing videos that people want to see and learning the proper way to market and advertise them. So let’ stake a look at some quick tips for making this happen.

Here’s how you can get more YouTube Views:

Annotate Correctly- Just as important to getting views is to do your annotations correctly. Annotations are the little text bubbles that pop up on a YouTube video in specific points within the video. You get to choose when this happens and what you want it to say. Far too often people make videos and completely ignore the fact that they can annotate but there are many benefits to doing so. You can use them to get your viewers involved and engaged with your videos. Ask them questions or bring them facts. You might tell how the video was made or give some other fun facts while the video is telling a story.

Use SEO – Here are six powerful YouTube SEO tips that no one talks about. You should probably read them and you should probably try them for yourself. Using proper video SEO can make a huge difference in how your videos are seen around the site and around search engines like Google. We pretty much all know that SEO is important but did you know that is also needs to be applied to your videos for maximum results?

Use Playlists- Did you know that you can create playlists to make your channel famous? Using lists on YouTube is kind of like categorizing your videos or putting them into separate topics. It’s a great way to tell people more on what your videos are about and it’s definitely going to increase your views from the search factor along. Get added to playlists = get seen by more people. Again, a quick and easy tactic to more views.

Create Video Responses- Video responses are actually a fun little way to get more attention to your videos. You do this by finding relevant, trending videos in your niche and then creating a video reply. It will link to the original video and you can piggyback a bit on its popularity. Just be sure that your video also offers the viewer something useful.

Who doesn’t want to get more YouTube views? We all make videos because we want people to see them and share them. We want to have an impact on people and that can’t happen if they don’t see the videos in the first place.

Author: Jessica Roberts is a huge fan of YouTube videos and marketing via the internet. Read her articles to learn more about making content marketing work for you.