The Top 10 Media Giants [Infographic]
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May 24, 2013

The Top 10 Media Giants [Infographic]

Media conglomerates have grown to a massive size, and it's difficult to parse out just who is behind the music, film, and other entertainment we consume. These media companies own many journalism outlets as well including newspapers and networks, so it's worth a look to find out just who is funding who.

With healthy profits and global reach, it's no surprise that these companies sometimes end up in high-profile controversies as well from the world of politics to squabbles over intellectual property rights. We may have heard of the controversies but we're rarely fully aware of the players behind them. Given their positions as the channels of much of the information that we receive, it's pretty remarkable that we know so little about these companies and just how far their influence extends. So what are the top media companies, what kind of revenue are they generating and how much control do they have over what you see, hear and read?

Source: Best Communications Degrees