Our Lives In The Media
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May 23, 2013

Our Lives In The Media

A person’s course of lifetime experiences varies as each one of us is different even in just a small way. However, there are some common bonds which we all share. For instance, when a large scale tragedy hits a certain location, the effects of it are often felt by people who were not directly involved in the event. Another common bond that many of us share is realizing just how much of our lives may end up in the media someday. Sometimes the story involves us personally, other times it’s a reflection or dramatization of an event that happened to take place.  The nature and severity of the event often dictates how it is then presented in the media whether its news or Hollywood’s take on the events.

Mainstream Media
Often when we hear the word media our minds will turn to thoughts of the twenty-four hour news coverage that is widely available on television and radio. We may even think of our local newspapers. The mainstream media is tasked with gathering and conveying information on stories of national and international importance as well as local news and human interest impacts. This is the form where many of us may become personally involved with the media. Whether we are interviewed at a concert or questioned about a political investigation our thoughts are likely to be conveyed to a variety of media consumers in the market.
Social Media
The advent of social media has made life a little more interesting for everyone. Now instead of waiting for the headlines at five o’clock we can learn of something in an instant. Sometimes social media can be helpful.  It also gives citizens an avenue to release information about situations where others may not be able to.
Traditional media and social media are not the only entities that may have an interest in certain stories. Often stories that gain a lot of national or international coverage will wind up becoming a piece of Hollywood. Some directors may choose to produce pieces that are documentaries on an event.
Some may look at an event and decide to do a ‘ripped from the headlines’ take on the news. For example, successful crime series dramas along with made for television movies as well as big screen hits have all been known to use inspiration from true events to formulate a story.
Comedy is an art form that allows us to forget about our lives for a little while and just enjoy some much needed laughter. However, there are times when comedians will write jokes concerning current events. Perhaps they change a world leader’s name slightly, or create a comical situation, in the form of a humorous news report.  Another form of comedy that many media consumers enjoy is political cartoon satire. This form of comedy allows for cartoonists to make a statement through their chosen medium.
Life is a series of paths and decisions that lead us from the time we are born until we pass on. It is also a vast treasure trove of information and ideas for the media to use in various forms. Pick your favorite and enjoy the ride.

Guest Author Bio: Tony is a social media and marketing expert that likes to follow what popular trends are on the horizon.