Make Money in Online Games - Yes You Can
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May 23, 2013

Make Money in Online Games - Yes You Can

Online games, especially MMORPGs usually have their own currency, often known as Gold or Goldcoins.
This currency is used to buy the gear your character needs to gain an advantage, or to look cool and different. It's usually earned by battling 'monsters', other players, or buying/selling for a profit in the in-game market or auction house.

In many games now you can pay real money to get the gear easier. This is rarely popular among the average fans because many think it ruins the game.

But some players known as Gold Farmers take advantage of the fact that some people are willing to pay real money for their gear and gold, and will set up illegal sites to sell  in-game currency for real money, usually a bit cheaper than buying the gear from the shop the game company has set up.

Gold Farming - The Secret MMORPG Market.
This is not the subject we will be talking about here in this article, though.

I simply want to share two games that allow you to trade the in-game money for real money, legally.

EVE Online

A beautiful sci-fi space game.
The in-game currency known as ISK can be traded for real money.
It works like this: Players can buy one PLEX (pilot licence extension) on the auction house for about Five hundred million ISK, or $19 from other players (last time I checked). The PLEX gives you 30 days of game time.
So by grinding, playing until you have 500.000.000 you can buy some PLEX and sell it legally to other players. Probably for a bit lower price so it sells faster.

How long does it take you might ask? Well it's not something you can get rich from.
EVE online has a pretty advanced economy, you can become skilled in working the market (auction house etc.), buying stuff low and selling high. I've heard of some people who make over a billion in a day that way. The most popular way to make money in the game is by mining asteroids. Your character has to train certain skills to get the best ships for mining. And in a few months you can mine asteroids for about a hundred million per hour (some say several hundred million).

Second Life

Not sure whether to call this a game or a 'Multiplayer Animation Program'.
Players create animations, 3D objects, and programmed gadgets that they can give or sell to other players, for real money.
Stuff like clothing, houses, cars; pretty much any object and fantasy you can think of.

It has a pretty big learning curve (so does EVE online), much like graphic design and programming.
If you are interested in animation, 3D modeling, and maybe programming then this 'game' is definitely for you.

That's it, some other games have tried these things, but I think these two are the most popular ones (that actually work). Let us know in the comments if you know any other games where you can make real money.

This article was written by Nickolai Gibson. A Tube blogger and video editor who loves longboarding, video gaming, technology, and YouTube videos.