How to Convert YouTube Video and Transfer to your iPod
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May 29, 2013

How to Convert YouTube Video and Transfer to your iPod

Do you want to watch Youtube video, convert it, and then transfer it to your iPod for you to watch later? You can do that. Yes, you might not want to watch the same video over and over again on Youtube, which will cost you a lot of bandwidth usage. Moreover, you might want to save it for viewing later, especially for viewing it on your iPod. It will be great for you to be able to watch it on small iPod screen, right? Here are step by step instruction that you can do to do it:

Step #1 - Use A Youtube Downloader Software or App  There are many good Youtube downloader software that you can install on your computer. And also some apps  you can use right from a website without downloading anything
Use a website like or similar to convert and download a video

 Here's the list of good Youtube video downloader that you can install on your PC:

1. Wise Youtube Downloader, available from
2. Free Video Downloader, available from
3. Free Youtube Downloader, available from
4. Flash Video Downloader Firefox Add-On
5. Easy YouTube Video Downloader Firefox Add-On

Step #2 - Install Youtube Video Converter For iPod  Once you've installed one of those Youtube video downloader, the next step is to install Youtube video converter software called Videora iPod Converter, available here: This software will let you to convert Youtube videos that you've downloaded into the format that your iPod can read and play.

Step #3 - Download File Transfer Manager Software For iPod 
The next step is to download a software that will let you to transfer your files easily between your PC and iPod, called Syncios Transfer and Converter. This software will make it easy for you to manage and backup your files between your PC and iPod. Download this software here:

Step #4 - Download The Video 
Now, go to the Youtube URL in which the video you want to download and download the video with the Youtube downloader software that you've installed before. For instance, if you're using Flash Video Downloader (which is an add-on for Firefox), you'll see the blue icon beside the Firefox address bar when you load the Youtube video, indicating that there's a video ready to download. Now, click that blue icon and there will appear a list of file types that you can download. Choose the one that you want to download (you can choose between FLV, MP4, and Webm file types and between low resolution to HD quality video quality depending on the video you're watching).

Step #5 - Use The Video Converter Software 
Once you've downloaded your Youtube video, you can open up the Videora iPod Converter software and open your Youtube video with it. Then, start the conversion process right away.

Step #6 - Transfer Your Video File To iPod 
Once you've converted the video, take a look at the destination folder for your output video and you'll find that your video has been converted to the format that your iPod can easily recognize. Now, take your iPod cable and connect it to your PC. 
Open Syncios Transfer And Converter and do the transfer process with this software to make it easy for you to manage the transfer for multiple Youtube videos at the same time. Also, you can backup your videos and other files to your PC as well. 
Once it is done, you can enjoy watching Youtube videos on your iPod anywhere and anytime.

Guest Author Bio
Brandon is a tech blogger who loves to write on latest in technology and gadgets. He regularly uses youtube converter to convert and download his favourite videos.