The Best Pool Trick Shots You Can Find On The Web
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May 31, 2013

The Best Pool Trick Shots You Can Find On The Web

pool table
Image by: Christian Werner
The perfect Pool trick shot is a hypnotising marriage of skill, preparation and the laws of physics. Either that or some kind of black magic, it is admittedly pretty difficult to tell some times.
In many ways the art of the trick shot is similar to more conventional magic tricks, not only in the way that they are designed to produce gasps of wonderment and gaping jaws from those who are watching but also in the importance that is placed in the setup and showmanship.
And just like the budding magician, the wannabe trick shooter is going to have to lock themselves away for a long time honing their skills, and meticulously tweaking their act.
You may have witnessed a few incredible shots during your time in pool halls or pubs, but unless you have really begun to delve into what the cue-wielding wizards of “artistic Pool” are capable of, you have only just scratched the surface.
So roll up ladies and gentleman, for the greatest spectacle involving some sticks, a table and a load of men that you are ever likely to witness, as we take a look at some of the best trick shot videos on the web.

The Classic Machine Gun Shot

Perhaps one of the most counter-intuitive things about the world of trick shots is the seemingly bizarre effects of applying heavy amounts of backspin to the cue ball. This shot demonstrates how balls can be made to roll backwards by applying a short, sharp dose of force to the base of the ball. This shot comes into its own with the aerial view with the cue ball bouncing its way along to the corner pocket.
Plus, it’s always nice to catch up with Andy ‘the Magic-Man’ Segel.
There are a number of variations of the machine gun shot, all of which centre around trying to get that distinctive quick-fire sound. The version demonstrated in this video by Vincent Facquet calls for a supreme level of timing and consistency.

The Jump Masse

The Magic Man is going to demonstrate another example of backspin making cue balls do crazy things. An important detail that a lot of people tend to overlook with pool trick shots is that the targeted ball always needs to be potted, so not only is it your job to make it seem like someone is tipping the table but you also need to do it with the right accuracy and pace.

The Roller Coaster

At around the 1:08 minute mark on this video you will witness a trick that has various names, but is pretty damn impressive whatever you want to call it.
But to really get a feel for what is possible in the world of trick shots, you are going to need to start watching complications instead of focusing in individual tricks. And with that in mind, you can’t really beat this, or this.
And finally, just when you thought you had a handle on just how much dedication people are putting into their shots, I present to you….

The Amazing Dominoe Trick 

This is perhaps the greatest testament to the amount of planning and preparation that can go into a pool trick shot. The amount of man-hours that must have gone into this trick; not just in turning it from a crazy idea into an even crazier reality, but also in the painstaking way in which the dominoes had to be reassembled every time an attempt didn’t go right or the placements were slightly off.
If you have any other incredible videos of people doing amazing things with a few balls and a lot of time on their hands, please share them below.

Guest Author: Gavin Harvey is a fitness instructor who recommends Home Leisure Direct for all your social leisure needs. When not in the gym he loves to play pool with his local pub league and constantly looks for ways to up his game.