5 Comic Book Heroes who Deserve a Shot on the Big Screen
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May 22, 2013

5 Comic Book Heroes who Deserve a Shot on the Big Screen

Comic books are enjoying a cultural renaissance of sorts. It seems like every favorite hero from our childhoods is getting his (or her) moment in the spotlight up on the big screen. Well, almost every favorite.
Though big shots like Batman, Superman, Spiderman and Iron Man are enjoying their heyday on the Silver Screen, there are plenty of other deserving comic book heroes who (surprisingly) have never been given the movie star treatment. Here are 5 comic book heroes we think deserve a shot on the big screen:
Wonder Woman
Technically a heroine, Wonder Woman is a beloved comic book star who, shockingly, has never been given a summer movie franchise -- even though she would totally rock it. There have been a lot of talks about a movie, with stars like Megan Fox rumored to take over the red boots and lasso of truth, but supposedly disagreements about the script and even the look of Wonder Woman's iconic costume (updated for the big screen) have kept the project from fruition. We hope that Hollywood can get its act together and make this one happen finally!
Luke Cage
Known by his superhero alter ego "Power Man," Luke Cage is the "hero for hire." Like many other super heroes, he obtained his powers in a freak accident. Now he has superhuman strength and skin that can't be penetrated. He was briefly affiliated with The Avengers, so it would be easy to bring him on board for a cameo in one of the upcoming sequels, but we think he'd be awesome in his own movie, as well.
Captain Marvel
Shazam! No, that's his name: Shazam! Billy Batson is an awkward teenager until he speaks the name of the wizard -- Shazam! -- and is then hit by a magic lightning bolt and transformed into the much older, much more muscular Captain Marvel. It's kind of like Big meets Captain America. In the comic books, he's called "The World's Mightiest Mortal." On the big screen, he'd have a lot of competition for the role. We'd love to see how he stacks up.
Black Widow
Black Widow technically had her  moment in the spotlight when Scarlett Johannson played her in The Avengers. However, we think she deserve her own solo project, as the character can certainly carry the franchise. We just think someone with a little more edge should play her (Jo-Jo is a little too doughy and pouty for our tastes). A project is in discussion, but no plans have been announced.
Nick Fury
The enigmatic leader of The Avengers is actually a superhero in his own right. Well, he's more a super spy than a superhero, but he can still hang with the big boys. Again, here's another character who's appeared on the big screen, but only as a supporting role. We'd really like to see his role expanded to his own movie, or at least to have his back story fleshed out more or to give him more action.
What comic book characters do you think need to be brought to life on the big screen? Share your favorites in the comments and tell us who you think should play them!
Author Bio:
Amber Satka writes on financial topics, such as her look into cash rebates on cars. Amber is a former office manager and current mother and writer.