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Jan 2, 2013

Viral Videos of 2012

Now that 2012 is officially over, and we embrace 2013 with open arms, it's seems quite apt to reflect on the more culturally defining moments in online video. YouTube shared a great compilation of the most popular videos of 2012 in an innovative way, but was of course US centric. Our recap will cover some of the best viral videos of 2012 the other side of the pond, as well as ones which achieved almost instantaneous international success.
1. Kony 2012
This video popped up everywhere in early 2012, and few videos were as impactful as Kony 2012. The video was created by filmmakers Invisible Children to highlight the atrocities that have/continue to take place in Uganda. The video told the story of Joseph Kony, a war criminal and fugitive, and its intention was to put pressure on the US government to arrest Kony.

2. One Pound Fish

Whilst, the Kony 2012 video highlighted a very serious subject, 'One Pound Fish' took on a more lighter comical tone and was a viral success particular in the UK. It was one of the accidental moments where you hear something funny, and manage to capture a video recording. This particular video features Muhammad Shahid Nazier at Queens Market, East London selling fish with a catchy song: 'Come on ladies, come on ladies, one pound fi-i-i-ish!". The song has even been remixed and reached number 29 in the UK singles chart.

3. Gangam Style
Who would have thought that imaginary horse riding would be a "culturally defining" moment of 2012, but it turns out it was. Korean pop sensation PSY, was a relative unknown outside Korea until 'Gangam Style' made it big on YouTube. Gangam Style refers to a hip, trendy and classy style which is prevalent in certain districts in Seoul, however, the video mocks this kind of style and the people aspiring to have "Gangam Style".

4. Call Me Maybe
The power of social media and celebrity showed how quickly videos can go from a few thousand views to millions. When Justin Bieber tweeted Carly Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe the view count skyrocketed and resulted in an instant Summer hit for the Canadian female singer. It also prompted many comical spoofs, which received their fair share of views, including comedian's Steve Kardynals' chatroulette version donning a bikini, wig and lipstick causing a variety of different and funny reactions.

It will be interesting to see what videos are big in 2013, but judging by the kinds of viral videos that made 2012 we're certainly in for a treat.

Guest Post By: Dragonfly Productions a viral video production company in London.