The Grinch who stole Data - Christmas 2012 #infographic
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Dec 14, 2012

The Grinch who stole Data - Christmas 2012 #infographic

The Grinch is that nasty character that we used to read about as children who always wanted to steal Christmas. When we were younger we thought he was a make believe character, which of course, he still is. But as we grow older and technology advances, we realize that the Grinch is symbolic of those individuals who are bent on taking happiness from others, those who are out to get whatever is rightfully yours. And they surely exist. Some prime examples can be found online, where Grinches of multiple breeds exist and are out to get one thing: your precious data. With the help of keyloggers, hacking techniques, spyware and malware tools, they really are plundering away without you being the wiser.  You may think this was in the past but this year has been no different. Here is why the sneering Grinch is cackling away with the year end’s loot with these findings.


"The Grinch who stole data" is an interesting take on the data theft trends of 2012, developed by, a firm which produced keyloggers.