Helmet Cams Filming the Unexpected
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Dec 17, 2012

Helmet Cams Filming the Unexpected

The advent of new technology is always exciting and often results in the discovery of unexpected applications. A helmet Camera was first used in 1986 by racing driver Dick Garcia to capture footage of his race from the driver’s point of view. The cameras steadily worked their way into many professional sports as a broadcasting aid but once the costs of ownership significantly reduced amateur sportsman around the world started filming with them. The result was incredible live action footage which bought the drama of the sports to life for non-participants. Cyclists now commonly wear the cameras to record their journeys to illustrate the truth of any accidents which they are involved in. But with all these cameras filming away it is no real surprise that they have captured some rather unexpected events along the way.
English: Mark Schulze modified his helmet cam ...
"Lessons in Cycling" - Photograph by Patty Mooney, San Diego, California, 1991 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Blue Whale

In 2011 a man kayaking of the Southern California coast encountered a magnificent blue whale. Wearing his helmet camera he jumped into the ocean and recorded the enormous creature as it swam around him. He was later criticized for taking such a risk but the footage is amazing.

Antelope Attack

Also in 2011 a mountain bike racer in South Africa recorded a cyclist ahead of him being ambushed by an antelope. The victim, Eran Van Der Spuy, was also wearing a camera which partially recorded the incident but was then destroyed by the impact!


In British Columbia skydiver Lucas Damm jumped from 12,500 feet but caught his GoPro Helmet camera on the plane. The camera became detached and fell to earth recording the entire descent. On hitting the ground the undamaged camera proceeded to capture Damm’s landing!

Puppy Rescue

Extreme rower Charlie Head was close to the finish of a 600 mile marathon from Cornwall to London and was off the Kent coast when he spotted a Shih Tzu puppy stranded on some rocks. He changed course to rescue the poor animal and caught the entire episode on his helmet camera.


In 2010 Idaho pilot Hoyte Patton was flying his motorised paraglider when the engine failed and he plummeted to the ground recording his own crash on his helmet cam! The lucky man was rescued by hikers and survived to review his own footage.


Earlier this year (2012) American Tommy Swiader was out in his kayak on a Floridian lake when he was suddenly attacked by an alligator. His helmet cam filmed the incident which was thought to have been caused by the Alligator sensing his small dog. Mr Swiader was uninjured but says he might kayak somewhere else from now on! Perhaps he should consider leaving the dog at home!
Warning: Some Explicit Language:

The Unexpected

Active people are equipping themselves with helmet cameras to capture footage of their sporting endeavours and even their journeys to work. The military are now recording footage in war zones and even fire fighters are wearing them but every so often the unexpected intervenes and precious footage of amazing and unusual events is caught on film by these incredible pieces of technology. These are the sort of stories you would never believe unless you had seen them and now you can!

Our Guest author: S. Stacey is a guest blogger and sports fanatic.  Stacey loves Motocross and you can shop online at her favourite Motocross retailer Vision MX for GoPro helmet cameras.