10 Wacky World Records Involving Home Appliances
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Dec 13, 2012

10 Wacky World Records Involving Home Appliances

Trekking across Ireland with a fridge, paddling down a river in a bathtub, and a gold-plated barbecue are just a selection of the wacky world records held with the help of a home appliance!

Extreme Underwater Ironing

Extreme Underwater Ironing is a branch of Extreme Ironing, in which people take an ironing board and an iron to extreme locations (such as on top of a mountain, in the middle of a motorway, or whilst bungee jumping) and iron clothes. The new world record for the highest number of divers simultaneously ironing underwater, previously held by the UK, was set by a group of 173 divers from the Netherlands in April 2011.

Ironing Marathon

The world record for the longest ironing marathon belongs to Ben Walton from the UK, who ironed 1,204 items in 75 hours in July 2011. The owner of a dry cleaning outlet, ironer extraordinaire Walton was raising money for the Princess Royal Trust for Carers Hampshire charity.

Longest Journey with a Fridge

Tony Hawks’ world record for the longest journey with a fridge, set in 1997, still hasn’t been beaten. Between May 6th and May 30th, Hawks hitchhiked 1,650km (1,025.26 miles) across Ireland with his trusty fridge by his side.

Furthest Washing Machine Throw (Individual)

On 23rd August 2009 Jonathan Macfarlane beat the previous record of 3.5 metres set by Polish Dariusz Slowi, by throwing a washing machine an incredible 4.01 metres.

Most Expensive Barbecue

A gold-plated barbecue costing an eye-watering US$15,000 made by Beefeater, an Australian barbecue manufacturer, must be the ultimate backyard status symbol. Setting the world record for the most expensive barbecue, all parts other than the cooking surfaces, right down to the nuts and bolts of this fully operational barbecue, are plated in 24 carat gold.

Most Number of Dishes on Display in a Single Day

Chefs and students of a culinary school, on behalf of Kraft Foods Philippines, set the world record for the most number of dishes on display in a single day in December 2009 by creating and displaying a whopping 5,845 cheese-based treats. This beats the previous record held by India of 4,668 dishes.

Oldest Working Electric Hairdryer

The record for the oldest working electric hairdryer belongs to a Siemens hairdryer manufactured in the UK which, in 2010, was 80 years old. Bought in the 1930s when electric hairdryers were still a luxury, the hairdryer remains in perfect working order.

Most Coffees Made in One Hour on One Machine

This record belongs to baristas at Atlas Espresso in Hobart, Tasmania, who made 434 coffees in an hour on a single machine in 2011.

Highest Popping Toaster

London’s Royal College of Art graduate Freddie Yauner set the record for the highest popping toaster in 2008 with his very own design, dubbed the ‘Moaster.’ The toaster, powered by a high-pressure CO2 gas system and mechanical ram, popped his toast a staggering 2.6 metres (8.5 feet) up into the air.

Longest Distance Paddled in a Bathtub

Just before the country hosted the Olympic Games, the UK played host to another sporting achievement. The world record for the longest distance paddled in a bathtub was set by Rob Knott, who paddled 17 miles (27 kilometres) down the River Avon from Bath to Bristol.

Guest author adds: A guide to the top ten wackiest world records set utilising home appliances, from frisdges, to hairdryers, to barbecues - I wonder if any of them were made using Fisher & Paykel appliances?