Seriously, These 5 Celebrity Apps Exist
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Nov 30, 2012

Seriously, These 5 Celebrity Apps Exist

The best part about owning an iPhone?  Downloading applications, of course!  What to do with all that memory space... Browse iTunes for your favorite celebrity and chances are they’ve got their own smartphone app built specifically for making your wait in line at the post office more entertaining.  Here are some of the weirdest and most wonderful apps available.
1. Lady Gaga
Price: Free
Keeping tabs on your favorite pop diva is important.  Of course you want instant access to her music, social media feeds, videos, news, and latest pictures.  But what you really want is to fool your friends and family into believing that you’ve actually met her.  Well, look no further.  This application helps you paste Lady Gaga right onto your own pictures.  There are many images of the royal lady to choose from--all of which have been altered to look as if they’ve been shot with a regular camera.
2. William Shatner: Shatoetry
Price: $2.99
You love the written word.  You love it so much that you dabble a little, spinning out some poetry and prose of your own now and then.  But what you’d really love is to hear it brought to life by one of the foremost actors of our time.  Well now you can.  Experience your own creations recited by William Shatner.  The two of you join forces to create a “Shatism” (yes, he’s coined that term himself), which you can then share with friends through email or social media.
3. David Hasselhoff: Ask the Hoff
Price: $.99
Ever feel lost?  Has life become a sea of confusion?  Not sure which direction to turn, how to proceed?  The Hoff has got you covered.  Yep, David Hasselhoff of Knightrider, Baywatch, and most recently, America’s Got Talent, has created this app to help you sift through the muck, get a clear answer and then move forward.  All you’ve got to do is ask a question then shake your phone like a Magic 8 Ball and presto!  All the answers you need spoken by The Hoff himself.
4. Michael Jackson: The Experience

Price: $2.99
If you are a true fan of the King of Pop then you’ll love this gaming app created to take you inside of Michael’s legendary videos.  This is a rhythm game in which you draw a series of shapes to the beat of the music and Michael’s dance moves.  The best part is the cinematic clips that unfold when it’s time to take a break.  Add this application to your mobile shopping cart platform for a fun fan experience.
5. Samuel Jackson
Price: Free
Worried about making conversation at the next social gathering on your calendar?  Well,  bring your friend, Samuel Jackson, to the party and you’ll be the center of attention.  This application has a customizable sound board where you can collect your favorite Sam Jackson quotes to be used whenever the occasion calls for a little, “Excuse me?” or “That’s what she said!”  This application also comes with a personality scanner which scans a person’s thumb print and replies with a sassy reaction.  Looking for answers to life’s biggest questions?  A quick tap of the fingers and Sam’s ready with a response.

Guest Author: Dana Brown covers celebrity news, gossip and entertainment trends for various blogs.