5 Best Youtube Channels for *Real* App Reviews
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Nov 21, 2012

5 Best Youtube Channels for *Real* App Reviews

You wanna know the biggest problem with app reviews on YouTube? Most of the are fake. Developers will commonly pay to have their apps reviews in a positive light through a channel that has a fair number of subscribers. Which is nothing knew, as that kind of thing is always being done through social media. Even Amazon reviews you see are usually paid for by the product manufacturer or a marketing firm hired by the original creators.
There are a couple of video channels out there that do alright with being honest. At least they aren't being paid to pump up the company's image, and so are much more reliable. Plus, there are a lot of people out there who just want to give their real opinion about something that has been launched on the market. Plenty of those exist, and they are usually a multi-purpose YouTube channel that covers anything that might be catching their attention at any given time.
It has taken some effort, but I have managed to find a handful of reliable YouTube channels that give real reviews on apps.

1. TekSocial Video

TekSocial is an interesting blog run by SEO expert Ann Smarty. It does a ton of reviews for different apps in different categories, some in a sketch-style slideshow, others live videos of people using the app. They also cover different platforms, so you can check out Apple, Mac, Windows, Android and more. So far they have almost 80 videos up, and you can see their written reviews on their blog.

2. Unique Apps

There hasn't been an update on this channel for about three months, which is a real shame. But there are hundreds already up, so you are sure to be busy even without them. They are basic videos uploaded by different bloggers from different websites around the web. You get a look at how the apps themselves work, along with commentary. Nice and simple, and very informative.

3. App Judgment

Twice a week reviewers will upload new videos from different devices, from the iPhone to the Nexus. You can catch most platforms here, as long as they are mobile, and they are very well made. They also review other products that are related, like the Apple Wallet Card, Twitter and more.

4. Soldier Knows Best

You might have seen these videos referenced on shows like Good Morning America, or sites like CNET. They are part of a popular tech series by Mark Watson, a US soldier with a lot of insight and interest in the latest tech gadgets from around the world. He does a lot more than just cover apps, but he is insanely popular for all of his videos and worth a subscription.


You could argue that the reviews on CNET might not be 100% honest, but that would be a personal opinion. I have always found their site helpful, and I am a frequent downloader of their suggested content. I love their YouTube page, where you get video reviews that are well informed, extensive and sometimes even amusing. Since CNET is one of the most reliable sites on the web, you can't help but trust them.
Do you know of any YouTube channels that offer real, well made reviews? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to give us a link.

Guest Author: Jessy is the self-improvement blogger, tech geek and Twitter junkie. You can follow her on twitter at @jessytroy