The 5 Most Memorable Dance Videos on Youtube
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Nov 6, 2012

The 5 Most Memorable Dance Videos on Youtube

Of the billions of videos on YouTube there is undoubtedly an incredible number of videos about dance – from people just posting videos of themselves in their rooms to music videos with incredible dance moves in them.  Here we will take a quick look at some of the most memorable dance videos ever posted on the world’s number one video site:

Surprising first dances 

No collection of dances on YouTube would be complete without one of these videos.  We’ve all seen them: the loving couple taking to the dance floor for their first dance as newly-weds and they suddenly dumbfound their friends and family with an outrageous, rehearsed dance routine.   Here you can see the video that was amongst the first ever to be witnessed on the site.  The couple are very honest about not being the greatest dancers but just check out how much fun they are having!

Where the Hell is Matt?

Our next video is about one guy, Matt Harding, who made a video travelling around the world and just dancing around in front of famous and not-so-famous landmarks, sometimes on his own and sometimes with people joining in – and that’s it!  The video is edited with a pleasant musical accompaniment and the result was a viral sensation.  No, he isn’t the best dancer in the world, but it doesn’t seem to matter to anyone, no less the.  People have claimed to have been moved to tears by the video, others laugh at it whereas others just think it’s stupid and turn it straight off... decide for yourself:

Flash Mobs

Flash mobs are not angry gangs of Adobe workers coming to destroy your iPad.  A flash mob is a group of people seemingly appearing suddenly in a given location for a specific reason (usually organised by company trying to gain exposure through viral advertising.  Although our next video is an advert, it is obviously a whole lot of fun for the people watching and taking part in it.  The video takes place in London’s Liverpool Street train station and was set up by T-mobile.

Samba Dancing Baby

We all know that South Americans are rumoured to have rhythm, but being able to do this as a baby really takes the biscuit – and let’s face it, everyone loves a dancing baby.  This young fellow is up on his kitchen table dancing away like a natural... while most of his friends are probably still learning to stand up properly.   Of all of the videos of babies dancing on YouTube (there are more than you would think) this one has to be the best.

Gangnam Style

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months, you would have found it pretty difficult to avoid the latest internet sensation from the Korean artist PSY.  From Xfactor to South Park, he has been popping up pretty much anywhere you look and his crazy dance moves certainly are a sight to behold.

Guest Author: This epic collection of dance videos was compiled and contributed to our blog by freelance writer, Erica, on behalf of Dancewear Central.