SEO the Game #Infographics - A Truly Unique Opinion About White Hat
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Oct 1, 2012

SEO the Game #Infographics - A Truly Unique Opinion About White Hat

Everyone in the SEO community is well aware of the friendly fire that is volleying back and forth.  And it seems everyone has an opinion on who is right and who is wrong.

The team at Subtle Network Design and Marketing would like to pose this question: what if it wasn’t about good tactic vs. bad tactic or white hat vs. black hat?  What if it was about genuine marketers vs. thieves who rob in the name of SEO?  
When we boil it down, we realize there are strengths and weaknesses to every strategy.  And when we are honest, none of us can say we are strictly white hat or black hat – we all have a little bit of grey.  Basically, as long as we’re doing our best to achieve top ranking, we’re on the right side of the SEO Game.
Now, let’s take all that drama and put it into an infographic that is in-your-face honest yet gut-busting hilarious!
Subtle Network Design & Marketing created this infographic.  Additional images and the largest version of the graphic can be seen here: SEO the Game.