10 Types of Low-Brow Advertising Archetypes That Work
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Oct 20, 2012

10 Types of Low-Brow Advertising Archetypes That Work

Commercials have a limited amount of time during which they need to not only hook the viewer in, but to make sure that their product appeals and makes sales. The companies hoping to make a profits from these advertisements have more to worry about than just if it sells; they need to worry about whether or not the ad is cost effective and if it really works.

The Art of Low-Brow Advertising
When commercials can cost millions of dollars for a few seconds of air time on television and a hefty amount when it comes to internet media ads, there's no room for advertisements to play around. They need to use surefire themes that consumers can identify with effectively.
For advertisers, the good news is that there's a number of low-brow themes that work particularly well. They make viewers stop in their tracks and think, laugh until their sides ache, and sometimes just weird viewers out in order to make their advertisement impossible to forget.

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