10 Doomsday Flicks for Mayan Calendar Day
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Oct 7, 2012

10 Doomsday Flicks for Mayan Calendar Day

Doomsday is upon us!  Well, so some say.   However, the likelyhood that is true is pretty close to zero, zip, zilch.  Nada.  At least for now...

But isn't it fun to pretend?   So life is a roller coaster ride of Y2Ks and 2012's and, as everyone knows, all adrenaline activities are better with friends, food, and fun.
On that note, let's gather a list of some super end-of-the-world entertainment to get our hearts pumping and gobble popcorn while watching.

1. 2012

A geophysicist studying the effect of radiation from solar storms on the earth discovers that the earth’s core is heating up, making the crust of the earth unstable. He warns the President of the United States that the entire race is doomed unless the proper preparations are taken to save a fraction of the world’s population. In the meantime, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes wreck havoc around the globe.

2. The Day After Tomorrow

An iceberg breaks off from Antarctica, triggering a massive climate change that ushers in a new ice age. Weather related disasters start occurring all over the world as everyone tries to evacuate south to warmer climates.

3. Planet of the Apes

After a nuclear armageddon, several astronauts land on a strange planet run by apes, only to find out the planet used to be Earth.

4. The Matrix

Super-intelligent machines have taken over the future, and when humans start resisting, the machines begin using them for energy, hooking them up to a virtual network called The Matrix.

5. War of the Worlds

A contemporary retelling of H.G. Wells’ classic thriller, this story follows one American family as they fight to survive after a strange, powerful lightning storm sparks an extraordinary battle for humankind.


WALL-E, a garbage collecting robot, was left behind to clean up after Earth was abandoned because it became too littered with trash. He befriends a reconnaissance robot, EVE, sent back to Earth to see if it is once again inhabitable, and follows her out into space after a ship comes back to get her. He helps her establish the fact that Earth is indeed safe again, and the spaceship full of Earth’s refugees return to re-inhabit the planet.

7. The Book of Eli

A drifter, Eli spends years wandering across post-apocalyptic North America, trying to survive while protecting and closely guarding a unique book which he carries on him.

8. Independence Day

Aliens attack Earth a few days before July 4th, and it is up to a small band of survivors to find a way to defeat them.

9. I Am Legend

A mutated vaccine kills off most of the human race, and a lone, healthy survivor must find a way to reverse the effects to help the mutated victims and save humanity.  Don't forget to check out the first run of this doomsday flick that made it's rounds in 1964 - The Last Man on Earth.

10. Knowing

A 50 year old time capsule dug up at a school holds a list of disasters that happened during those years, as well as clues to several disasters yet to come. An astrophysicist whose son found the list must figure out what’s going on before it’s too late.
These are just a few depictions of end of the world drama. Sit back and enjoy now, before the world does end - sooner or later.

Guest Author: Michael “Big Mike” McCaffery enjoys a good doomsday flick right along with most everyone else.   Come visit www.godish.com to see their channel lineup, and don't forget to say hello on Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter.