Youtube Spacelab - Taking Your Ideas to Space
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Sep 7, 2012

Youtube Spacelab - Taking Your Ideas to Space

Spacelab is an awesome science channel on Youtube by NASA and several contributors. They answer viewer questions in videos and present cool science experiments and scenarios.

Spacelab challenged highschoolers to design a science experiments and present it in a Youtube video. The best two ideas will be tested in space. The winners were chosen back in March by a panel of science judges. Amr from Egypt won with his 'Spiders in Space' experiment, and Dorothy and Sarah from Troy Michigan with their experiment about bacteria in space.
Watch all the finalists and meet the winners:

The results of the two final experiments will be streamed live from Space on Spacelab in a few days.

Streaming Live on September 13

Youtube just rolled out a new live streaming feature and Spacelab will be one of the first big channels to use it, Streaming from space. On September 13 the host Bill Nye the Sciene Guy will be catting with astronaut Sunita Williams who is on the International Space Station, to see how the experiments went.

Nicko Gibson

This article was written by Nicko Gibson. A Tubeblogger and video editor who loves video gaming, skating, tech, and YouTube videos.