Top 5 Ghosts Caught on CCTV
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Sep 18, 2012

Top 5 Ghosts Caught on CCTV

Ghosts have appeared in photographs for over 150 years, and as soon as they emerged, so did rumours of forgery and fakery.
But while much has been written about ghosts appearing in still-life, now that CCTV usage is on the up, it’s time to see if ghosts are also being captured in motion. After all, it is widely known that double exposures, light-painting and reflections can all create very spooky effects in photos, but video-camera trickery can be much harder to fake.
So here are my top 5 ghosts caught on camera.
Just remember, the camera never lies...

5) Spirits in the Pub
Now the ghost in this first video may not be too clear, but it’s the spooky happenings around the place that get it into my top 5.

Spotted in 2010 in a Cumbrian pub, this ghost appears as a ball of light.
Part of the pub used to be an undertakers, and the shop next door has also reported several spooky goings on; computers monitors switching on, mice moving by themselves and a sign falling off the wall.
So what do you think? Is this ghost real, or are there some other spirits at fault?

4) The Graffiti Ghost
Now I’m not sure that I’m completely convinced that this video is real, but the sheer effort involved (and humour value) has to give it some points.
What do ghosts do in the after-life? Well graffiti of course! Or at least that’s what this video would have you believe.

3) Video-Store Poltergeist
Watch this video for a great demonstration of some poltergeist activity at a Blockbusters video store; films fly off the shelves and a cart mysteriously rolls along on its own.

While it’s true that this could be an elaborate set-up involving trick-springs and invisible wires, the shop assistant’s reactions are very convincing.
Maybe the poltergeist was just trying to rent Ghostbusters?

2) Hampton Court Ghost
At number three is the Hampton Court ghost. This video may not be too scary to watch, but the footage is very convincing.

Rather than a poltergeist looking for trouble, this ghost seems more preoccupied with keeping order.  When the heavy fire doors fly open, the ghost appears at the scene, and firmly closes them once more.
Hampton Court has a long history and was once home to Henry VIII. Interestingly enough, at exactly the same time the next day the fire doors flew open again, but this time no ghost was spotted.
So is it really a ghost or just a tour-guide in period costume?
Well Hampton Court now run ghost tours, so maybe you can find out for yourself!

1) Old Lady in the Lift
At the top of my list, this video is genuinely spooky, and adds weight to the idea that cameras may capture things that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

The suspense is fantastic, and the four screens mean that you have no idea where the ghost will appear.  When she does – oh my – let’s just say that’s one spooky Grandma.
It’s enough to put you off lifts for life!
So what do you think?
Are these ghosts passing through from another world, or did someone simply cross the CCTV cables over?

Author Bio: Gavin Harvey is a personal trainer with a passion for all things weird and wonderful. He’s a big film buff and enjoys writing blogs for Traders Warehouse.