Media Breakout Of Strange News
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Sep 19, 2012

Media Breakout Of Strange News

Watching the news is often a somewhat depressing act– filled with stories of deaths, nature disasters and crime. However, every once in a while we are faced with a slightly more amusing story, which makes us question if it is even true at all, has it all been constructed together or are these stories real! Here are some of the best stories recently to have been released.

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Writer fakes his own reviews

After writing a series of crime literature novels, Mr EJ Ellory decided to get a little more creative with his writing job, and took to to fake some reviews on his new book. After awarding himself 5 stars from a variety of different ‘fans’, he then went on the describe his book as ‘magnificent’. Ellory landed himself in it when another author noted similarities between reviews, topped off by the fact that he accidentally signed one off as ‘Rodger’, his first name. Oops.

Dog travels from Kent to London

When a resident of Kent lost her dog for a few moments, she probably wasn’t expecting to get a phone call 30 minutes later to say he had arrived safety in the capital city. The dog, named Frankie made his way across the 1.6 miles between home and the train station, scuttled past train users and hopped on to the London bound train. He was then picked up by staff, who called his owner using the number on his collar. Thankfully he wasn’t charged for the fare.

Missing girl joins search for herself

Whilst on a bus journey in an remote part of Southern Iceland, a girl was believed to be missing from a bus party travelling to the capital. After a short travel break, driver waited for around an hour for everybody, including the girl, to return. Upon finding that she was not there, rescue teams were altered and everybody, including the girl herself, started searching. The girl had changed her clothes and tidied herself up a bit during the stop off, which meant the other passengers didn’t recognise her. Furthermore, she didn’t recognise the descriptions put out about her, which meant nobody realised the mistake for nearly a whole day! The search was finally called off on Sunday morning, having started on Saturday afternoon.

Woman arrested four times in 26 hours

You would think that for most people one warning would be enough – but in the case of Joyce Coffey of Epping, N.H, apparently it took four police warnings to finally shut her up. After getting complaints of the loud music (AC/DC to be exact), police visited Miss Coffey at around 3pm to ask her to turn her music down. When she had failed to do so an hour later, she was arrested, and had to pay $500 to be released on bail. However, following this, she was then arrested for the second time at 9:20pm just five hours later for the same reason once more. She was released on a $1000 bail, but just four hours later, the police were forced to return and arrest her once more, with a bail of no less than $10,000. This is a woman that really can’t get enough of AC/DC, clearly!

Dad builds son his own rollercoaster

Not content with the usual gifts of teddies, games and toys, one Ohio dad went one step further in August of this year to build his son his own rollercoast. Using bits of pipe, the man managed to create an amazing ride consisting of 3m drop and 30-degree banked turns, reaching speeds of 35km/h.What on earth is he going to do for his next birthday?

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Author: Jenny B is a freelance writer and currently reports to the Telegraph Jobs team; Having reported on some amazing stories, Jenny now gets to enjoy her more constructive job online!