Building Your Music Presence On YouTube
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Sep 12, 2012

Building Your Music Presence On YouTube

The video website known as is now known as the second largest search engine in the world. If you are trying to broadcast your music in any sort of way, YouTube is a must for you to get involved into.

What attracts visitors to YouTube from a music aspect is the idea of being able to listen to free music whenever they want and free of cost. The free of cost is an epic evolution for our people. In the past we have only known to pay for music to have it in our posession. To be able to listen to music free of cost is huge and YouTube brings that power to us.

But I Will Not Get Paid For My Music

YouTube is not going to let people pay to see your video and music, but if your video does in fact get enough traffic YouTube as a whole will pay you to advertise on your videos. This is known as the YouTube ad network. There are lots of names, but that sums up what it pretty much amounts to.

If your video hit one million views we would not be talking pennies and dimes of income either. YouTube values their good videos and there are a lot people that make a livable income on youtube just streaming their own media through videos.

What Should Be Showed Visually During My Music

Most people wonder what they should put as a visual media to the eyes while people listen to their music. This is where it gets a bit tricky on where to lead you. If there was a right answer we would all probably be rich right now.

Ask yourself the question of what people want to see when they hear your music and also what will make them click on your video to watch it as a thumbnail. People use these videos as a social network to hangout on and if your thumbnail photo looks appealing enough, you are going to get people to click through to watch it. Maybe an image of you as the artist of your music would work well for your thumbnails. It would help broadcast who you are while also playing your music.

It is all about getting your foot in the door and starting to make videos. The videos take time to build up and it does not happen over night. A video with a million views might be ten years old and still building rank. YouTube is a great way to build your music portfolio up and get people to listen to your music.