Animal Steals Camera - Viral Videos
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Sep 16, 2012

Animal Steals Camera - Viral Videos

You may have come across a videos of seagulls stealing a camera while it's running. There have been a couple of these on YouTube etc. the last couple of years. Especially since video cameras are getting light enough for seagulls to carry.
This often captures some great footage.
 Recently these seem to all be GoPro Cameras being taken by seagulls.
Many people have commented saying these videos were planned or fake. I don't believe they're fake, they're real seagulls taking the cameras.
But I'm also not against the theory that someone in GoPro's marketing team came up with the idea.
A great idea to leave the camera running, next to some snacks. Seagulls will arrive, eat the snacks, and then maybe steal some shiny item.
Maybe they hired a couple different camera guys to try it, on different beaches, and then released the best footage.
Almost guaranteed to go viral.

Life's Little Mysteries found a couple other videos with other animals stealing the GoPro.
"another supposed GoPro owner posted a video in which a lioness picks up the camera with her mouth and carries it through the bush. ... and includes information on where to buy GoPros in its description." 
"Another popular video, posted in August, shows what is purported by the uploader to be GoPro footage of a pod of actual, and not CGI, dolphins."
Quoted from LiveScience.

It reminds me of the Video Screen Hacking in Times Square story we posted recently here on Tubeblogger.
The Times Square screen hacking was not real. The videos were used to promote a TV show and a Movie.
The fact that they predicted the videos to go trending is pretty cool.
That is one reason I don't think it's too unrealistic that the GoPro incidents were set up also.

Nickolai Gibson

This article was written by Nickolai Gibson. A Tubeblogger and video editor who loves video gaming, technology, and YouTube videos.