5 of the World's Most Epic Bathrooms
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Sep 19, 2012

5 of the World's Most Epic Bathrooms

Most people put up with the bog standard bathrooms that they have at home, but what would your bathroom be like if you had unlimited money and unlimited imagination? From spa-like perfection to a geek’s dream, there are so many bathrooms out there that are nothing short of epic.

1. Pac-Man Bathroom

Everybody loves the retro arcade game Pac-Man, but do you love it enough to have it tiled to the walls of your bathroom? Gaming Junkie, an independent gaming store in Westchester Ohio, decided to add a funky edge to their public bathroom tiles by arranging them to look like Pac-Man. The Pac-Man craziness doesn’t stop there, from floor to ceiling everything in these bathrooms is Pac-Man styled. From the mirror with its Pac-Man scoring chart down to the Pac-Man styled bathroom accessories, this bathroom could be up there on the geekiest places to go the toilet.

2. InterContinental Hong Kong Presidential Suite bathroom

I bet you have heard of a room with a view, but how about a bathroom with a view? The master bathroom in the Presidential Suite of the InterContinental Hotel in Hong Kong doesn’t just give you a fabulous view of the harbour but also contains everything you need for a perfect bathroom experience. The bathroom hosts not only a jacuzzi but also a rainforest shower, a private steam room and sauna, and heated toilet seats. The bathroom is bliss, guaranteeing not only to get you squeaky clean but also to give you a relaxing spa experience in your own hotel room.

3. A vertical bathroom?

Anybody who has ever lived in an apartment in the city knows that space is premium, which is exactly what the designer of the world’s first vertical bathroom, Vertebrae, must have had in mind. Vertebrae has several fold out compartments that include a toilet, two showers (one for adults and one for children), a basin and several storage compartments. While at £9000 it isn’t the cheapest option, it is certainly a high style way of making the most of limited space if you have got the cash.

4. A bathroom made of gold

If you’re looking for an opulent bathroom, then there really is no match for this working bathroom that used to reside in Hong Kong that is made entirely of solid gold. Created by Chinese business man Lam Sai-wing, the bathroom contains the world’s first working solid gold toilet which also holds the record for the most expensive toilet in the world.
The bathroom turned out to be a great investment for Mr Lam, who created the bathroom when gold prices were around $200 an ounce. Right after the bathrooms creation, the price of gold skyrocketed to near $1800. Mr Lam promptly melted down most of his golden bathroom to sell, but he kept the toilet. He has vowed never to sell it even if the price hits $10000 an ounce.

5. ‘Don’t Miss A Sec’ Bathroom

This bathroom really is for people with steel nerves. Situated outside the Tate London, this working art installation called ‘Don’t Miss A Sec’ consists of a working public toilets surrounded by one-way glass, meaning that while nobody can see in, the toilet user can see everyone in the world around them. Probably not great for those that suffer from stage fright, but it’s a thoughtful concept that aims to start discussions about how we are watched constantly in the modern world by things like CCTV.

By author Richard Orban, writing on behalf of DTW Tiles. DTW Tiles is an UK based tiles production company, undoubtably the best source for wall tiles online! Be sure to check them out at www.tiles-ceramic.co.uk!