4 Dramatic Ways to Destroy an iPad
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Sep 14, 2012

4 Dramatic Ways to Destroy an iPad

Question: Why would anyone want to destroy an iPad?
Answer: Because they can, and because it’s a sure-fire way to get lots of hits on YouTube.

When you think about how much money will be put into a television advertising campaign, destroying an iPad starts to seem like a viable alternative. Of course, there are always those who destroy an iPad just for fun.
Here are four of the most dramatic ways to kill your new toy. Some more tragic than dramatic.

4. Turn it into a skateboard

Can you turn an iPad into a skateboard?
Yes, well, you can certainly add wheels. Bonus points for the montage featured in this video of the boys trying to update their custom deck. It eventually makes it down the mini ramp. It is, however, completely ruined, as the screen was drilled through to attach the wheels.

3. Meal for one?

What happens if you put an iPad in the microwave? It breaks, spectacularly. You probably do some significant damage to your microwave too.
This video gets bonus points for suspense; there’s something incredibly satisfying about watching a stationary object combusting.
But if you don’t have a microwave, why not cook your iPad with a different source of heat? This video reminds me of a Burger King advert - with added laser beams.
These lasers are, according to their manufacturer, 8000x brighter than the sun. Seems like the perfect way to end the life of an iPad, although I’m not sure that the cheery dance stock music does this one justice.
At one point the inside of the iPad actually turns molten and starts to expand. I just can’t believe that these things are legal!

 2. With a baseball bat

This is, controversially, the most disturbing video I've found. All of the others have some king of vague excuse for destroying the iPad.
This video is filmed on what looks like a camera phone, (could have used an iPad,) with no form of post production, (could have used an iPad,) and from only one angle (could have used another iPad). Even when the guy goes to drop it on the floor for a second time, he only does so from a small height, as if it still pains him to do so.
Another member of the Apple-crumble gang (as I am now calling them,) takes tentative swipes at the thing with a baseball bat. Maybe just play some Temple Run next time you’re bored lads?
1.    In lava
The winner has to be death by lava. I’d have no idea how to go about finding some lava, but thankfully these guys from an iPhone case manufacturing company jump on a plane, so we don’t have to.
In a vain attempt to save itself from a molten tomb, the iPad flashes up the temperature too high warning. This is burning money in the most literal sense possible - a rather undignified, yet fascinating, exit. It tops my chart and you can watch it in all its glory here

So, if you were thinking it was easy to shoot to YouTube superstardom by destroying an iPad, think again. You are going to have to be pretty imaginative to match these viral sensations. Maybe it’s time to rethink your internet strategy?

Author Bio: James Duval is an IT expert on a mission.  He writes blogs for Strategy Internet Marketing who deliver SEO, Bristol and nationally about the latest spectacular content that can be found on the internet.