The Ultimate Gadgets And Gizmos In The Dark Knight Rises
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Aug 13, 2012

The Ultimate Gadgets And Gizmos In The Dark Knight Rises

Following the release of the blockbuster hit, Spiderman, earlier this summer, the release of The Dark Knight Rises has been eagerly anticipated. In true superhero style, Batman’s right-hand man, Lucius Fox, is on hand to supply all the latest gadgets and gizmos.

This list is a run-down of the best gadgets from the movie:

‘The Bat’

Lucius Fox’s implausible invention and probably the most exciting gadget of the film is aptly named ‘The Bat’. It is a hovercraft able to dodge between the Gotham streets and skyscrapers and can always be found conveniently waiting for Batman during an escape from the super villain, Bane. It features machine gun turrets, rocket launchers, and even an electro-magnetic pulse cannon for zapping his enemies.

Catwoman’s glasses

But Batman isn’t the only one with a few gadgets up his sleeve. Anne Hathaway makes a convincing master thief with an attitude and, of course, a leather catsuit. But whilst it may appear impractical to be creeping around underground subways in heels and a leather suit, one aspect of her costume has a practical purpose: her goggles. The goggles are designed to give Catwoman special night-time vision and magnification for her various robberies and adventures. The goggles feature a dark visor-shaped frame which almost completely covers her eyes. But not forgetting the aesthetics of the outfit, when the goggles are worn on her head, they form the shape of the trademark Catwoman cat ears.

The Bat-Pod

Whilst it is mostly Catwoman who can be seen whizzing around the streets of Gotham on the Bat Pod, this superhero vehicle is undeniably a possession of the Bat Man.  The Bat Pod is essentially an oversized, extreme version of a motorbike with huge front tyres, super speed and the amazing ability to turn around corners with the twist of a wheel. In order to give batman the ability to manoeuvre under narrow spaces, the Bat-Pod can lower and elongate itself, allowing the rider to drive close to the ground. According to production designer Nathan Crowley, the saddle of the Bat-Pod is free to rotate, giving Batman more flexibility.

The Bat-suit

The trademark black suit and cape of this legendary superhero must not be overlooked. As he lacks the superpowers of his contemporaries Spiderman and Superman, it is important for his suit to protect his fragile human body. Once again, Batman can rely on Lucius Fox to deliver the goods. The suit features dark, resilient padding with a long cape, a multi-functional utility belt and of course, the bat mask. This suit functions equally to protect the wearer as it does to project an image of power and force to terrify his opponents.

At only one point in the film do we see Batman’s favourite weapons in action: the Batarangs. Since the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents at an early age, he vowed that as the Batman, he would not use guns to fight his enemies. Instead, he favours batarangs which are essentially boomerangs with a dangerous edge. He uses them to silently fling at his enemies for a quick, deadly result.
It may be the last film in the Batman trilogy, but director Christopher Nolan will surely be unable to resist using a few gadgets and gizmos in his upcoming film projects...

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