The Coolest Gadgets in Film and TV
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Aug 9, 2012

The Coolest Gadgets in Film and TV

Many of us are jealous of our neighbours, and of the guy down the road. Often we wish we had the cars that our colleagues had, or that were dating a footballer’s wife.  And then there’re the other celebrities with their incredibly wealthy lifestyles and oodles of fame. If you’re the jealous type then I don’t recommend you watch MTV Cribs…
All of this pales though in comparison to fictional characters. These guys aren’t limited by science, by money or by anything else, and essentially they can own anything that the writers can think of. And when it comes to cool gadgets and gizmos, some of these writers get really creative.
Here then we will look at some of the coolest gadgets in films and on television that all of us dream of one day owning. Here’s the kicker though – they aren’t real so you’ll never get them. Ahem… enjoy?
Iron Man’s Armour

If there was one ‘boy toy’ in all of film that trumps them all, it has to be Iron Man’s suit of armour. This is a high tech ‘prosthesis’ in Stark’s own words, which allows him to fly to the edge of the atmosphere, to survive being shot by tanks and to shot lasers out of his hands (actually they’re called repulsors but I’ll try not to get too geeky on you).Then there’s the fact that he can use it for deep sea diving, and even teases at space exploration (briefly venturing to the last frontier in Avengers), and the fact that the Mark 5 can fit down into a suitcase. All of us dream of flight, and what better way to achieve it than with a kickass suit of your own creation. And then there’s the incredible way it all assembles around him. Really, really cool.
Sam Witwicky’s Car

I was tempted to put Nightrider down here, but I have to say that Bumblebee just about beats Nightrider as possibly the coolest living car in fiction. Bumblebee is mostly awesome for being able to transform into a huge robot that can rip the spine out of mechanical cats (see Transformers 2), but also for being a friend to Sam by helping him out on his dates and impressing his college roomies. You ‘aint never had a friend like that!
Dexter’s Laboratory
Dexter’s Lab was a Cartoon Network program that was highly popular, largely because it managed to successfully tap into every geeky little boy’s ultimate fantasy – having an incredible laboratory hidden away behind the bookcase that included robot slaves, genetic creations and huge suits of armour a little like the one described above. I could do without the annoying Dee Dee blowing everything to ‘smithereens’ though.
The Batmobile

It would be a travesty not to include the Batmobile as one of the most exciting fictional boy toys, and it’s not for nought that it also happens to be one of the best known and most recognizable. While there have been many iterations of the Batmobile in film, I’m going to come out and say that my personal favourite is the current incarnation – which looks like a slick tank and can jump across rooftops as well as deploying a smaller ‘pod’.
The Minority Report Interface
While I can take or leave the film itself, the interface in minority report has taken on a life of its own as the computer that every nerd wants. This involves floating icons on a transparent screen that Tom Cruise can move around with his gestures and grab and manipulate intuitively, and it actually partly inspired the interface of the iPhone. While this is interface has arguably since been topped by Tony Stark’s 3D version that films his entire home, Minority Report’s was the first and deserves it’s place in this list.

Author Bio: Trevor Smith is freelance writer and a technology blogger. He works with and writes about technology and gadgets.