Ten Best Ways To Annihilate Your Old Ride
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Aug 23, 2012

Ten Best Ways To Annihilate Your Old Ride

Like everything, all cars' lives must eventually come to an end. If your vehicle is hanging on by a string, or in this case a bolt, it may be time to put your old hoopty to rest on its inevitable deathbed. Of course, you could always take your car to the junkyard to get it crushed, but what is the fun in that? Here are ten awesome ways to destroy your old car and have a bit of fun at the same time:
  • Shred your car to pieces in an industrial strength shredder. 
Instead of taking your used automobile to a junkyard to get crushed, watch it shred to bits in an industrial strength shredder. There is something that is extremely satisfying about watching your old piece of crap car get crushed to piece by a huge machine with massive metal teeth. This is a great choice if you really want to see your car get wrecked.
  • Gut your old vehicle. Instead of completely annihilating your car, gut all of the valuable parts and keep them for your new car so it will last. If you don't need any of the old parts, you can sell them and make a little bit of extra money out of parts that would have otherwise gone to waste.
  • Melt your vehicle using a jet car. 
If you're really looking to destroy the thing, try melting it using a jet car. It will probably be a bit difficult to find a jet car. You may have to go to a county fair. It will also be a bit of a pain to do, but the end result of watching your automobile be consumed by a stream of fire will be worth it in the end.
  • Destroy your car from above. For a more creative form of demolishing your car, try incinerating it from above using a mini-gun. In order to carry this idea out, you will need both a helicopter and a mini-gun. These things may be a bit difficult to get your hands on if you do not already own one or know someone who is willing to let you use it, but the sheer level of mind-blowing awesomeness is definitely worth all of the effort you put in to it.
  • Blow the car up using a 25mm. If finding a helicopter is a bit too difficult for you, but you still want an awesome way to see your car go, try blowing it up using a 25 millimeter chain gun. A 25mm is much easier to come across. All you have to do is shoot a few rounds at your old vehicle and it will actually explode.
  • Enter it into the Demolition Derby. 

If you want some extra entertainment out of the destruction of your vehicle, take it to the demolition derby. If your car is still able to move, enter it into a demolition derby and watch the experts bash it to pieces.
  • Melt your car into liquid using thermite. 

Thermite is a mixture of metal oxide and metal powder that is extremely combustible. All you have to do is cover your entire vehicle in thermite and spark it up from a distance, using a fuse or a long pole. The heat will cause the thermite to break down because of a chemical reaction. This will create intense heat turning your old vehicle into pure liquid iron.
  • Donate your car. As awesome as destroying your car may be, you can always donate your old car to the greater good instead of destroying it. Many schools and colleges use old cars to teach their classes about how to fix the car or use the parts to turn it into something even better. This is a great alternative to letting your vehicle rot away in a junkyard. One professor at the University of South Carolina let go of his old car from 1972, giving it to his class. They made it a project and eventually transformed the car into a working electronic vehicle.
  • Enter it into a LeMons race. 

If your car is running and worth less than 500 dollars, you can race it in the 24 hours of LeMons race. Chances are, there is a 24 hours of LeMons race somewhere in your area. The only requirement is to have a car worth less than 500 dollars. You may have to pay for a few extras as well including a cage, tires, and flushing the old fluids out of your car, but after that, you can enjoy a nice day racing your old junk car and thrashing it until it no longer runs.
  • Destroy it yourself as it serves its purpose. The number one way to destroy your car is to let it go out in an honorable way, by allowing it to die doing exactly what it's purpose in life was, to serve you. Take the car out to the desert or some dirt roads and let loose. Take it over jumps and crash it into anything and everything. Tear the car apart. See if you can still ride around if you take off the tires or the seats and doors. Drive the car to death, but be sure not to kill yourself in the process.
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